Wiring/Chassis Assembly

Chemigraphic's competitive services include electro-mechanical assembly, chassis and cabinet wiring, front panel build, functional testing, and a dedicated cell for specific projects and production runs. Our vast experience in cable and wiring techniques enables us to deliver a full turnkey systems assembly solution to meet your exact needs and specifications.

Our production engineering and design departments offer expert advice in the following areas:

  • Design and manufacture (DFM)
  • Enclosure and rack design
  • Prototype development and off site services
  • End of life environmental concern
  • Packaging

Our service includes final product, build-to-order, configured-to-order and direct order fulfilment, together with packaging, shipping and full documentation. Products may be delivered directly to your UK location, or shipped to any destination in the world via international couriers.

  • 19" chassis wiring
  • High voltage wiring
  • Complex cable looms - >1000 ends
  • Cabinet, rack and backplane wired assemblies
  • Automated 'cut and strip'
  • Assembled PCBs into unit/box assemblies
  • Flex-rigid and semi rigid wiring
  • RF and microwave interconnections
  • Potting, varnishing and encapsulation
  • Press-fit connectors into high density PCBs and back-plane assemblies