Our global customers expect more from their contract manufacturers than straightforward PCB population. While contracting for stand-alone assembly has its benefits, we believe that buying-in fully-tested products ensures confidence in all subsequent stages of production, through to final delivery.

Chemigraphic offers a full range of test services, designed to complement and support your production projects. Run in combination with our comprehensive quality control programmes, our test services ensure that we consistently deliver a high quality product that will conform to your exact specification.

Whether the requirement is for PCB test only, system test or end-of-line product configuration, our highly skilled team of test engineers will work in consultation with you to design and implement a robust solution.

Chemigraphic offers the following test/inspection facilities:

  • Inline automatic optical inspection on all SMD lines
  • Endoscope for defect analysis
  • 'Bed of Nails' ATE for MDA, or where appropriate, combinational testing
  • JTAG - boundary scan
  • Device programming
  • Numerous bespoke functional test rigs
  • Onboard programming of electronically programmable devices (EPDs)
  • Safety testing
  • X-ray technology on site