NPI Transition Support Services

Most OEM Design teams are already over-committed and bringing New Products to market is an additional stressful task. Speedy NPI deployment is critical but any construction property which less than ideal can remain throughout the product’s lifetime, accumulating significant unnecessary costs. Help to get the process right can be invaluable.

Decades of weekly NPI deployment give Chemigraphic exceptional practical expertise and we offer seamless, reliable and flexible extension to your resources. Creative solutions, cost efficiencies and secure delivery of a stable and effective new product ensure your NPI project success.

While we excel in NPI and prototyping, as one of the largest EMS in the UK we enjoy a depth of capability and Production scalability that allow commitment as a long-term manufacturing partner regardless of future developments.

Pressing deadlines, too much to do and not enough days in the week? Let Chemigraphic help. We will directly partner your functional teams to co-develop NPI roadmaps and strategies to your timescales and budget…
  • Fully outsourced or partial ownership for key transition tasks, physically managing/leading projects with KPI capture/review, defining/documenting technical specifications and parameters, ensuring on-time functional prototype delivery
  • Free engineering advisory services - on site engineering and management resource supply
  • Cost Reduction projects - True end-to-end analysis to identify multiple savings opportunities whilst maintaining quality and reliability
Our input will drive your product realisation project on-time and on-budget. 



Expert teams will advise and support your designers to ensure optimum manufacture, test and superior function.
  • Layout services - refining Design packages at any level of completion
  • Repackaging (eg Future - proofing, footprint/parts reduction, PTH/SMT conversion etc)
  • Electromechanical/enclosures/metalwork/cable/packaging design
  • DfX at PCB, assembly or system level
  • Test Development
    • Software, hardware, functional, ATE, AOI, burn-in, reliability, characterisation, measurement and calibration, whatever your requirements we can advise and create a highly effective test solution, from inception if necessary
  • Product Development
    • Design of interfaces and enclosures
    • Software development
    • Human Interface and Reliability Engineering



A key benefit from partnering with Chemigraphic is access to our people- our size allows a depth of talent across multiple disciplines with ample experience to advise effective and practical solutions. Our flexible and open culture provides the flexibility to adapt to your needs and trust to make good business easy.

However, we do also enjoy the latest automated production tools to ensure consistent results in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Materials… Intelligent sourcing from industry specialists

  • BOM Development- Parts sourcing optimised for cost, performance and availability
  • Leverage from Chemigraphic buying power and access to unbeatable rates
  • Sourcing obsolete or last time buy components and proposed alternatives

Manufacture… Sound engineering, creative application

  • Express prototyping - 3/5/10 day turnaround
  • Turnkey box build
  • Low volume, high reliability assembly
  • End-to-end product life cycle management

Our capabilities are truly extensive our SMT department excel in all the latest technologies including leadless/CoC packages and our substantial PTH division offer scalability workmanship in traditional construction technologies.

Regardless of quantity, complexity or technology, Chemigraphic are the premier UK EMS for NPI deployment… and as your valued manufacturing partner.