Our 2013 Apprentices:

Why did you decide to join the Chemigraphic apprenticeship Scheme?
I decided to join the Apprenticeship scheme at Chemigraphic for several reasons such as great benefits and that this was the type of industry I wanted to develop skills in. The main reason though was that I have a real passion for electronics and electronics engineering. I thought that this company was perfect for me and I hope in the longer term I am ideal for Chemigraphic.

What do you enjoy about being on the Apprenticeship Scheme?
The part of the scheme that I think I will most enjoy is being able to spend time working in each department such as the Test department, wiring, PCB, Surface Mount and some of the others that are scheduled into my learning programme. I love this aspect of the scheme as it will help to really develop my understanding of the company as a whole, some of the other apprentice schemes only offered a more limited scope for learning. I am currently in the Test department and in here I get to see and understand a range of different boards as they come through the department for Testing. I have found the staff in this team to be really supportive, friendly and have felt that they have welcomed me with open arms when I joined them.

Would you recommend this scheme to someone else? Tell us why..
Yes, I would recommend the scheme to anyone who has an interest in this type of industry. I would recommend it mainly due to the fact that the learning you gain whilst working on site is all practical based. The amount of knowledge I have picked up so far is unbelievable, as I have in fact only been here a little over one month. I feel that the amount of products that I get exposure to vary so much. It means that you can work on a different product daily, hourly even sometimes. This therefore increases your product knowledge and knowledge in general. Whereas, at maybe another company in the same field you may find that you don’t have the same variety of products. Therefore, I feel that I am keeping up to date with the everyday upgrades/advancements of the electronics PCB industry.