Our 2013 Apprentices:


Why did you decide to join the Chemigraphic apprenticeship Scheme?
After having studied ‘A’ Levels and decided university was not the right path for me, I found that Chemigraphic were offering an Apprenticeship Scheme. I am interested in electronics and it gives me the opportunity to learn on the job.

What do you enjoy about being on the Apprenticeship Scheme?
I like that I will be learning everything about the company and the production processes from start to finish. This will also help me to streamline my skills and find my favourite area to work in. This also keeps it interesting because I am doing so many different tasks.

Would you recommend this scheme to someone else? Tell us why..
Yes I would recommend it to someone else. It is a fantastic opportunity which allows you to learn in a very good way, getting lots of practical experience. It’s very interesting and is better than just studying from a text book. It’s good to be ‘hands – on’!