Through continuous operation since 1972 we have learned our strengths and understand where we can bring maximum value to our customers. Customers who have specialised away from maintaining their own manufacturing facilities expose themselves to reliance on third parties and a feeling of vulnerability is not unusual. Here at Chemigraphic we understand this absolutely and our service structure is designed to address those critical areas of vulnerability, which explains why our expertise has continued to excel in this area.

Our staffing, equipment, processes, quality infrastructure and structuring have been purpose designed over many years to provide the optimum suite of services for electronics equipment design companies who produce products which need to be of top quality and which may be subject to repeated design changes.

Flexibility is the critical feature that we provide to our key customers, backed by rock solid reliability, premised upon our longevity, cultural commitment and solid financial backing. We realise that the customers we are designed to attract will require certainty of on-going supply and service, whilst at the same time they will be seeking speed of reaction. We recognise that our customers are successful because they respond swiftly to, or even pre-empt, the demands of their customers, and we ensure that we are prepared to match their expectations.

The nature of our relationships with customers, and the manner in which we address their needs means that we become entwined with them and indeed develop an almost matching vulnerability to them. To our minds this typifies a genuine partnership, and we are accustomed to maintaining relationships for the very long term where we maintain deep communication links at multiple levels.

Chemigraphic is not an opportunist contract manufacturer that seeks to fill capacity and price for volume. We take great care in how we manage our expansion so that our partnerships are never put at risk. The provision of certainty and flexibility does not come without cost, but we are highly confident that for our target customers we represent the best value for money available.