Investment in latest SMT Print Equipment

March 2017

Ever-decreasing Surface Mount component package sizes makes accurate and repeatable solder paste printing critical to production yields and can impact eventual product reliability. As the volume of paste deposits become smaller it becomes necessary to employ ever more sophisticated process controls.


Chemigraphic Acquires CRS Electronics Ltd.

4th January 2016

Chemigraphic, one of the UK's largest product support and system integration businesses, has acquired CRS Electronics Ltd – a successful, Hertfordshire based, contract manufacturing business for an undisclosed sum.



CEO Chris Wootton Appointed

May 2017

Transition from prime UK PCBA supplier to global Technology Services specialist requires expert and highly-experienced leadership, which Chemigraphic have been fortunate to acquire in the recent appointment of CEO, Chris Wootton.


13485 Medical Devices Standard

Chemigraphic, the UK's leading Electronic Manufacturing Service provider, is proud to add the EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices standard to our list of accreditations. Intensive assessment by BSi has verified that our advanced systems and processes, many of which are unique to the UK market, provide the control and traceability demanded by the global life-critical Medical Equipment sector.